Grimwood Road Garden Site

Grimwood Road Garden Site: help to find new uses for the Garden Site

  • Local People: how could the garden be best used for the local community?
  • Voluntary and Community Organisations: could the garden be a resource for the people whom you benefit?

Grimwood Road garden site includes a greenhouse and horticultural space in the grounds of the Twickenham Training Centre (also known as the Twining Centre) at 53 Grimwood Road, Twickenham TW1 1BY. The site at Grimwood Road is owned by London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. Out of use since 2018, the garden site could become a not-for-profit horticultural resource for learning and enjoyment of the community, benefiting people who live or work in the Borough. Habitats & Heritage is helping to engage with local people and organisations about future uses.

At this stage the garden could:

  • Provide a horticultural resource for learning and enjoyment of the community
  • Be used as a place to promote physical and emotional wellbeing for people who need support and better social inclusion.
  • Be managed and used by one or more not-for-profit organisations

Site considerations:

  • It is expected that use would be primarily by voluntary sector groups rather than private individuals seeking allotments
  • It is unlikely that the garden could be used as a commercial growing space although its use could involve social enterprise
  • The garden surrounds Twickenham Training Centre at the end of a residential road and any proposal would need to consider local impact

An engagement process will lead to bringing the garden back into use for the local community.  To find out more or to be kept informed of the project please contact Stephen James.  Future updates about the garden site will also be posted on the site fence at the end of Grimwood Road. Phone Number: 07984 732950. Email address:

Download latest update report on the Grimwood Road site, Dec 2021 (Word Document)

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