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At the heart of Habitats & Heritage is a small but dedicated team of staff and volunteers. Get to know the team and how they make our work possible.

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Colin Cooper
Chief Executive

Colin is responsible for delivery of the charity’s work, its staff and external relationships accountable to the board. After working 16 years in the sector, he brings a wealth of experience in strategy development, managing partnerships, organisational development and achieving lasting impact. He has a Master’s Degree in Charity Management.

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Daija Angeli
Community Developer Manager

Our new Community Developer Manager is Daija Angeli,  she will be supporting local community groups so they are able and feel empowered to protect and enhance the spaces they care about. Daija has a background in environmental policy and economics and I have been an active member in her community in Ham since moving there in 2016. She’s currently chair of Ham United Group.

Diana Cano
Communications Officer

Diana oversees communications for Habitats & Heritage, manages the social media accounts, website, and keeps our What’s On up to date. She also supports groups in our network to develop their digital skills and assists them with newsletters, websites, social media content and crowdfunding.

Emily Lunn photo
Emily Lunn
Heritage Project Manager

Emily is the Heritage Project Manager at Habitats & Heritage. She loves the fact that south and west London has been shaped over the centuries by the people who have lived and worked in the area – from Henry VIII at Hampton Court Palace to Amelia Earhart who landed in Hanworth Air Park, Hounslow, in 1932.

Fran Batt photo
Fran Batt
Nature Conservation Manager

Fran is the Nature Conservation Manager for Habitats & Heritage. She is passionate about protecting the environment and improving habitats. She believes it is particularly important to engage and educate communities to help them make a difference to their environment at a local level and, impacting on a global scale.

Lucia Pekarova photo
Lucia Pekarova
Events Lead

Lucia is Events Lead at Habitats & Heritage. She delivers a whole range of fundraising events to inspire and engage our local community. Lucia enjoys the challenges that come with each event but most of all loves doing something meaningful, knowing the money we raise will improve the local nature and heritage she enjoys so much.

Stephen Fielding
Heritage Project Officer

Stephen is the Heritage Project Officer at Habitats & Heritage. He is captivated by the wealth of history contained within London’s buildings and infrastructure – with particular interest in the history of what lies below the surface. This intrigue has led him to undertake substantial research into London’s water supply with focus on efforts to maintain it during the Second World War. Stephen is also Chair of the Kempton Great Engines Society at Kempton Steam Museum.

Stephen James
Stephen James
Finance & Operations Manager

Stephen has worked on environmental and heritage projects in south and west London for six years. A self-confessed nature lover, Stephen is passionate about the conservation of our natural spaces and the fascinating historic buildings that Habitats & Heritage cares for. He is continually amazed by the inspiration and commitment from all the people whose work and ideas sustain the charity.

Susan Chappell photo
Susan Chappell
Energy Services Coordinator

Susan has a wealth of knowledge, experience and connections to the voluntary sector and groups in Richmond Borough. Susan coordinates our energy efficiency service and its volunteers – they seek to help clients save energy and reduce CO2 emission, working with homes, community buildings and schools.

Vicky Phillips photo
Vicky Phillips
Business Manager

Vicky qualified as a solicitor, working as an environmental lawyer for public sector bodies, and as in-house lawyer for a solar power company, before moving into the charity sector in 2011. She has been trustee of a number of charities including Friends of the Earth and SolarAid and enjoys gardening, walking and history.

Lucy Smale
Kickstarter: Nature Conservation Assistant

Lucy is an ecologist who is passionate about promoting and conserving healthy ecosystems. She sees her role as a Nature Conservation Assistant not only as a career path but also as a lifestyle choice. Lucy hopes to get others enthusiastic about waste, climate change and biodiversity and believes that people have the power to make a positive impact in their everyday actions, no matter how small.

 James Beagley
Kickstarter: Nature & Communications Assistant

James has a hybrid role at Habitats & Heritage, being part of the Nature Conservation and Communications teams. He recently graduated with a degree in Photography, specialising in Nature and landscape. James has a strong passion for conservation work and assists on the environmental projects carried out by the charity. With his creative side, he also helps create content for Habitats & Heritage. 

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Alfi Allman
Kickstarter: Community Development Assistant

Alfi believes his role perfectly reflects the natural love and passion he has of bringing people together and working to create groups with shared positive initiatives for our community and climate. Alfi is driven to ensure that everyone in their community feels like they have an opportunity to engage in the knowledge and activities Habitats & Heritage, partners and group offer. Additionally, he is dedicated to learning and helping others learn about our beautiful and precious planet.

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Alfie Austyn
Kickstarter: Communications and Event Assistant

Alfie is our Communications & Events Assistant supporting the promotions of our events and projects across our social media channels

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