Richmond Biodiversity Partnership

The Richmond Biodiversity Partnership is an independent consortium of local specialists and organisations concerned with wildlife and biodiversity across Richmond Borough.


The Partnership regularly updates and publishes a Biodiversity Action Plan, a strategy document that details plans for the protection and management of habitats and species of national, regional or local significance and those that are on the Red List of Threatened Species across the Borough.

The most recent Biodiversity Action Plan was published in spring 2019 and contains 20 habitats and species action plans. It can be downloaded here (please note is currently being updated and a revised edition will be out and uploaded in winter 2024). The plan is delivered by member organisations who report on their actions in quarterly meetings.

The plan is also used by Richmond Council’s Planning Department to ensure the negative impact of new developments and changes to existing developments are minimised.

If you would like to find out more about the Richmond Biodiversity Partnership or Action Plan contact us

Other informative leaflets available for downloading:


Help wildlife by telling us of your sightings

Having records of wildlife is of vital importance for conservation; it will help us understand if there is a decline in or threats to local species. 

We are specifically interested in/taking records of the following species:

  • All butterflies and moths  
  • Voles (any and all especially water voles)   
  • Hedgehogs   
  • Mouse/Mice (any and all)   
  • Frogs, toads and newts   
  • Stag beetles   
  • Bees (any and all)   
  • Tower mustard   
  • Dragonflies & damselflies   
  • Mistletoe   
  • Bats (any and all)   
  • Mink   
  • Badgers (please report via email  
  • Otters (please report via email  
  • All birds (particularly; house sparrows, song thrushes & mistle thrushes but not magpies, jackdaws, crows, parakeets, pigeons)   
  • Muntjac deer (only)    

You can report your local wildlife sighting to us by downloading and filling this form then email it to us at

Private Gardens

With private gardens making up around a fifth of the entire borough, they have an important role to play the action plan.  No space is too small to make a difference. Even just by planting species that support pollinators, you will help connect your garden or window box to the wider green corridor and support our local biodiversity. Find out some simple ways you can give space to wildlife here.

Make a difference

We need your help to take care of the local landscapes, heritage, wildlife and ecosystems of south and west London and ensure we can protect and enhance them for future generations.

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