Energy efficiency

Our energy efficiency service works with schools, charities, community organisations and households to help them to save energy, money and reduce fuel poverty. Our volunteers conduct a home energy check, install free energy saving equipment, issue a customised report of recommendations and encourage occupants to become part of a community with an interest in energy saving.

We work with local community groups and energy champions to promote our services. The involvement of these “energy champions” is one of the keys to our success with community based energy saving projects because, although our service is free and helps to reduce people’s energy bills, people are much more likely to take an interest if encouraged by a friend or neighbour whom they trust.

An energy advisor at work

Recent community building and school energy visits have included Linden Hall, Mortlake Hall, The Greenwood Centre, Elleray Hall, MIND (Twickenham), Off the Record, OSO Barnes, Kew Community Centre, Third Whitton Scouts, Kingston Environment Centre, The Woodfield Project and various schools in Kingston and Ealing.

Since 2016 we have conducted over 450 energy visits, saved homeowners and tenants an estimated total of £15,361, and prevented 41,894 kg of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

Our work with households focuses on a different geographic area each winter. Details on how this service will look like during the winter of 2020/21 are still being worked on and we hope to make an announcement later this year.