Energy efficiency

Our energy efficiency service works with schools, charities, community organisations and households to help them to save energy and money

Our work helping community buildings and schools to save energy started back in 2011 when the charity was set up. Over the last few years our team has visited Linden Hall, Mortlake Hall, The Greenwood Centre, Elleray Hall, MIND (Twickenham), Off the Record, OSO Barnes, Kew Community Centre, Third Whitton Scouts, Kingston Environment Centre, The Woodfield Project and various schools in Kingston and Ealing.

An energy advisor at work

Since 2012 we have also been visiting households that need help particularly focusing on those in fuel poverty and conducting over 450 energy visits. The average visit saves a household and estimated £111 per year and also saves 413kg of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

We work with local community groups, housing associations and others to promote our services. This is one of the keys to our success with community based energy saving projects because, although help is free, people are much more likely to take an interest if encouraged by someone whom they trust. Our volunteers conduct a home energy check, install free energy saving equipment, issue a customised report of recommendations and encourage occupants to spread the word about energy saving to their friends and neighbours.

During winter 2020/21 we are unable to visit people in their homes so are concentrating on visits to local housing association properties before they are re-let to ensure that the new tenants have some energy saving measures, such as LED bulbs and radiator panels, to help reduce their bills. The average saving is estimated to be £130 per year.

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