Kingston Biodiversity Partnership

The Kingston Biodiversity Partnership is a consortium of local organisations and specialists concerned with conserving and enhancing wildlife and biodiversity across the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, founded by the Council and co-ordinated by Habitats & Heritage. The Kingston Biodiversity Partnership has written the first Kingston Biodiversity Action Plan, which designates the Borough’s priority habitats and species and sets out how these will be protected and strengthened.

The Kingston Biodiversity Action Plan (KBAP) was written by the Kingston Biodiversity Partnership. It involves a wide range of organisations and specialists across the borough and the wider area, brought together by the Council and Habitats & Heritage.

The first and most recent KBAP was published in September 2023. It is a living document which is consistently edited and updated.

You can find the KBAP overall strategy document here.

The KBAP is split into two areas: Habitat Action Plans (HAPs) and Species Action Plans (SAPs).

Habitat Action Plans

Habitat Action Plans (HAPs) focus on the dominant habitat types found within the borough. These plans promote the conservation, enhancement and expansion of these areas. By achieving the targets and recommendations within the HAP, we will secure positive outcomes for the species that depend on them.

The current HAPs are:

To read a HAP, click on the name.

In addition, a Plant List to inform planting across Kingston can be found here.

Species Action Plans

Species Action Plans promote conservation and protection of named species within the borough. We will use these species as ambassadors for nature, helping to raise awareness  about the incredible species that can be found in Kingston. They will also serve as ‘’umbrella species’’, and the conservation measures adopted to protect them will also support the conservation of a host of other creatures.

The current SAPs are:

To read a SAP, click on the name.

If you would like to find out more about the Kingston Biodiversity Partnership or the KBAP, please contact us, or contact Elliot Newton, Biodiversity Officer at Kingston Council.