Nature conservation

The green spaces on our doorsteps across south and west London are comprised of a rich mosaic of ecosystems and habitats. These are home to numerous species of animal, insect, plant, aquatic and other wildlife, flora and fauna.

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Biodiversity and improving and managing spaces for wildlife is at the heart of what we do; from creating wildflower meadows and improving nature reserves to creating bug hotels.

To do this we look to engage residents and communities to design and implement projects that make a difference to their local area. Through connection, consultation, communication and participation we explore how communities want to see spaces improved and join this together to support wildlife and communities in the most effective way.

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Biodiversity is part of the heritage of London and helps to make the city a comfortable and pleasant place to live. Trees and woodlands help clean our air, bees and other insects help pollinate our crops, earthworms make our soils more fertile and reed beds help clean our water. Spending time in nature can bring mental and physical health benefits too.”

Mayor of London: London Environment Strategy

Nature Conservation Volunteering

We engage volunteers from across south and west London in our work and together undertake a wider range of activities; from tree planting and wildflower sowing to invasive species management and litter picks. Volunteer activities are suitable for all ages and abilities and we run more structured events including our Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering programme and corporate volunteering opportunities.

We want our volunteers to understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and the beneficial impacts their work has on wildlife and habitats. We help our volunteers to develop knowledge, skills, confidence and experience the benefits from having greater connectivity to nature and their community. In 2019, our volunteers helped to plant over 1000 trees, remove two square kilometres of invasive species and collect over 20 cubic meters of waste from the River Thames.

Our volunteer supervisor programme offers training and experience to a group of individuals starting their journey in the conservation field.

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Nature Conservation at Home

You can play your part in your space too. No space is too small to make a difference. Even just by planting species that support pollinators you will help connect your garden or window box to the wider green corridor and support our local biodiversity. Find out some simple ways you can give space to wildlife here.

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We need your help to take care of the local landscapes, heritage, wildlife and ecosystems of south and west London and ensure we can protect and enhance them for future generations.

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