Working with the unique green spaces of south and west London is at the heart of what we do at Habitats & Heritage. We run projects that conserve and enhance habitats, help green-the-grey urban landscape, support community led initiatives such as friends of parks groups and enable and empower communities to make a difference in the places they care about

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Nature conservation

Biodiversity and improving and managing spaces for wildlife is at the heart of what we do; from creating wildflower meadows, improving nature reserves to creating bug hotels and more. Find out how we work together to support wildlife and nature on our doorstep.

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Urban greening

Urban greening helps combats air and noise pollution, soaks up rainwater, creates habitats for local wildlife, increases community cohesion and reduces anti-social behaviour. Find out how we are greening the grey of south and west London.

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Friends of Parks groups

Friends of Parks groups are independent voluntary groups set up at community level that work in partnership with the local authority to enhance, improve and promote parks. Find out how we support these groups to develop and thrive.

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Richmond Biodiversity Partnership

The Richmond Biodiversity Partnership is an independent consortium of specialists and organisations concerned with wildlife and biodiversity across Richmond Borough. Find out how we work in partnership with others to protect and conserve the most threatened local habitats and species.

Find out about the Richmond Biodiversity Partnership

Supporting environmental initiatives

A cleaner, greener local area is one that everyone can feel proud of – with benefits to people, nature and wildlife. Find out how we support community-volunteering events and bring people together to improve their local area.

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Make a difference

We need your help to take care of the local landscapes, heritage, wildlife and ecosystems of south and west London and ensure we can protect and enhance them for future generations.

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