Green Hubs – Connecting the green spaces of south and west London

We are working with residents, councils, businesses and community groups to create thriving habitats in small currently underutilised spaces. From roadside verges, to areas outside of houses, community centres, offices and schools; all of these spaces can have a positive impact on biodiversity.

Thistle with flying insects

By improving these small areas, we are able to offer increased food sources and shelter to pollinators, birds or hedgehogs. By increasing the biodiversity these spaces can support, we are expanding the green corridor of South West London. The Hubs created will act as stepping-stones for large green spaces combating the effects of fragmentation (the breakdown of continuous habitats) due to urban development.

The project also aims to empower the community to learn about and manage each site. Residents, companies and community groups are encouraged to have ‘ownership’ of their sites. We hope to inspire and enable communities to take small actions that make a difference.

Hunters Road ‘Green Hub’ with a newly planted tree and ready for the wildflower improvement work day.

What space can be a green hub?

Any space, big or small can play its part. If a space currently isn’t being used in an effective way, we want to increase its ability to support biodiversity

How do they work to support nature?

By creating many small improvements, it offers a pathway for nature creating the ‘corridor effect’ conservation work aims for. Be it for pollinators or hedgehogs wildlife needs to move between spaces. This project aims to help that movement.

Current green hubs

We have worked closely with Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames to create our first three green hubs. A big thank you to all the residents, community groups, councillors and schools already involved.

The next green hubs

Thanks to the generosity of the Postcode Local Trust ( and the players of People’s Postcode Lottery (, we will be delivering six further Green Hubs within Kingston. We are also currently developing Green Hubs within Richmond and Merton Boroughs.

What type of improvements can be made?

Each space is different and therefore suitable for different improvement work. In some spaces we will plant trees, plant bulbs or spread wildflower seed. Others will include mini-beast hotels on the site or manage the area to be more ‘wild’.

We will work with you to make the most from your space.

Let’s work together!

Do you know of a space that you would like to be added to the Green Hub network? Do you want to be a champion of your local space?

Get in touch with Nature Conservation Manager Fran Batt on or use the Contact Us form to find out how we can work together to improve the spaces making small changes to make a big difference to wildlife!

Current & Planned Green Hubs

Use the map to explore our current green hubs

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