Nature Conservation at Home: Give Space to Wildlife

Many of the UK's species are under threat in part due to the lack of suitable habitats and the loss in connectivity of any that remain. You can play your part in supporting local wildlife by Giving space to wildlife. Any space, no matter the shape or size can be used to benefit wildlife. Why not start with one of our simple practical activities to give more space to Wildlife and help support biodiversity in your space.

Choosing and Placing Your Bird Box

Habitats & Heritage have created an easy to follow guide to help you choose the perfect place for your nest box depending on the needs of local species.

Build a Log Pile

A simple way to give some extra space to mini beasts and can be done in any space.

Make a Bird Feeder Cake

Give some extra support to birds during the winter months by making one of our simple bird feeder cakes.

Make Holes For Hedgehogs

This simple act can make a huge difference to our spikey friends. Help them move through your garden with this activity.

Make Your Space More Wild

Some very simple hints and tips to be more wildlife friendly in your space.

Build a Bug Hotel in a Bottle

Make a new use for those last few plastic water bottles at the back of your cupboard and help bees and bugs at the same time.

Make a Herb Garden in a Container  

Any space, any container, lots of ways to support wildlife and add more flavours to your dinner.

How to Choose a Tree

Im sure you have heard of all the fantastic things about trees. But, what is the right one for your space?

How to Plant a Tree

Easy steps to plant a tree and ensure it’s success.

Conserving Water In Your Garden

Saving water in your garden can cut the risk of drought, protect wildlife and beat the hosepipe bans that are becoming more common during summertime.