Kew Road Ha-ha

Support our work to conserve the 18th century ha-ha at Kew Road and create a native wildlife corridor 

  • Raised £2,210.00
  • Target £45,000.00
Habitats & Heritage are expanding our Green Hub project at the Kew Road Ha-ha to repair the historic wall and create a native wildlife corridor. Help our project by donating today.

Kew Road ha-ha is currently in a poor condition, not suitable for supporting our native wildlife and overrun by invasive species. This project will deliver opportunities for you to get involved with clearing rubbish, invasive species, planting pollinator-friendly plants and creating homes for wildlife. With your help we will be able to restore the wall, improving the condition and appearance of the ha-ha for years to come.

All efforts will be made to restore the Ha-ha. However, if for some reason this is not possible, the charity reserves the right to use donations for other charitable purposes unless stated by the donor.

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Find out more about the project here.


Marc Esquerra

Thank you for this wonderful project! Go hedgehogs!


Anonymous please, good luck- such an exciting project.

Mary-Eliz McNeill

Great project. It will be nice to have wildflowers and hedgehogs in our neighbourhood.

Paul Jennings

Inspiring devotion to local communities and their special places! Keep it up!

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