Explore: A Conversation with Levison Wood

Levison Wood and Emily Lunn standing infant of a mausoleum

As Lockdown measures eased back in June, the explorer, author and photographer joined us outside the Burton Mausoleum in Mortlake. We discussed Levison’s adventures as well as the influence Sir Richard Burton has had on his expeditions.


Levison kindly brought with him a few souvenirs, including a first edition of ‘First Footsteps’ by Burton, a janbiya from Yemen, and a tooth from a megalodon – a shark that lived between 23 and 3 million years ago and could grow up to 18 meters in length!

We’re enormously grateful to Levison Wood for his support of the campaign and for talking to us about his travels, and to Alex Bescoby for filming the conversation – thank you.

We want to make sure that Sir Richard Burton will continue to inspire curiosity about the world around us and we need your help. Please donate to our appeal to ensure that the mausoleum of one of Britain’s greatest explorers continues to ‘illustrate how rich and full a life can be when lived without boundaries’.

This conversation is part of our current Burton: Exploring Without Boundaries project commemorating the bicentenary of the famous Victorian explorer, Sir Richard Burton, whose mausoleum Habitats & Heritage care for in Mortlake. Read more about the project.

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