Caring for the Crane Valley

Bringing together people like you who care about the River Crane, River Longford, Yeading Brook, Portlane Brook, Duke of Northumberland River, to imagine how we can all better care for them in the future. Sign up for this inspiring series of events in person and on line.

Imagine a future where more people are rolling up their sleeves to look after the River Crane, along with the green spaces and communities that surround it. What might this look like? How might people, communities and policy-makers up and down the River Crane work together to care for the river and its surrounding habitats? This new event series aims to bring together people who care about the River Crane to imagine how everyone can enjoy and look after the river in the future.   Book or contact the organisers at these links:

This will be a chance to help inspire more community-driven change:

💖 Team up with others from across the river to make your voice heard

⚡Connect what you are doing to a bigger picture of activity across the Crane Valley

💡 Pick up new ideas for how to involve people in what you do

✅ Meet with policy-makers and decision-takers, and set new directions together

The events are being delivered by New Citizenship Project in partnership with Let’s Go Outside and Learn and Habitats and Heritage, and have been commissioned by Crane Valley Partnership and Thames Water.  

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