Warren Gardens Wildlife Haven

We are working with local residents to transform a neglected area between Denton Road and Warren Footpath into a visually attractive biodiversity hotspot, through planting and the creation of key habitats. The Wildlife Haven will provide a welcoming space for local residents, pedestrians and cyclists on the Warren Footpath, the main towpath between Richmond Bridge and Orleans Gardens in Twickenham, as well as for visitors of the WW1 Belgian Refugee Memorial in the centre of Warren Gardens.


As part of this project we will be:

  • Engaging local schools in a sunflower growing competition
  • Planting a mix of native wildflowers to provide food for pollinators
  • Planting a rose garden to commemorate loved ones
  • Removing invasive species present on site
  • Constructing a stag beetle loggery and dead hedge
  • Installing hedgehog homes and bird and bat boxes
  • Running practical conservation days for volunteers and local residents

If you are interested in volunteering at Warren Gardens Wildlife Haven, please contact us at hello@habitatsandheritage.org.uk.

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