Help us create a new indoor space at Kneller Gardens

Support the Friends of Kneller Gardens create a new indoor community space at the Pavilion in Kneller Gardens. This will mean there is a warm, dry, welcoming community space and indoor café that can be used throughout the year, whatever the weather.

  • Raised £5,307.00
  • Target £5,000.00

Help the Friends of Kneller Gardens improve the café at the Pavilion in this much loved local park. This will mean creating an indoor café and a warm, dry, welcoming community space that can be used throughout the year, whatever the weather.

The pavilion café at Kneller Gardens is hugely popular with local families, community groups and the sports clubs who use Kneller Gardens, but in the cold, wet, winter months the lack of indoor seating is a problem.

The pavilion renovation will create an all-weather café and community space with better disabled access and a baby changing facility. The Friends of Kneller Gardens are asking the community to contribute towards the fit out of the kitchen and a new community space.

The £5,000 raised will go towards indoor tables and chairs, display shelving, storage for community groups, kitchen equipment and community notice boards.

Help give Kneller Gardens a new lease of life, just in time for the winter months!


“The new indoor space means that no matter what the weather is like outside the pavilion will be a warm, dry and welcoming community hub”

What is planned?

The Friends have planned and designed a new indoor community space that will allow the park to be accessible to the local community all year round. The new space will also be used by the café and allow it to open and be used by people in all weathers.

Who will benefit from the renovations?

Everyone who uses the park and pavilion will benefit from the refurbishment by having a better equipped indoor space to use and make use of during the winter and bad weather.

The new indoor space means that no matter what the weather is like outside the pavilion will be a warm, dry and welcoming community hub for dog walkers and community activities including Richmond Green Gym, mother and baby groups, families, and all those who use the park for sport and recreation – tennis, football rugby and athletics.

There are some people within our community who find it difficult to go to the park in winter because of the limited facilities, putting them at risk of isolation from the rest of the community and stopping them benefiting from the beneficial physical and mental benefits from being outdoors.

The young people employed by the café to take their first steps in a new career will also benefit. These local young people are given individual training and support appropriate to their needs. Many of them have struggled with their education and need additional support from the experienced and trained café staff. At the moment the reduced winter income means that the café can’t involve new young people in the winter months.

Disabled access will be improved with a level entrance from the field meaning that it is easier for people in wheelchairs or those who have limited mobility to access the facility.

The park is on a green route used by hundreds of people each day. The new indoor spaces will give additional facilities to people and groups who work along the River Crane corridor and we hope that it will become a hub for community activities in the lower Crane Valley. Community groups, walkers, cyclists, runners and volunteers will all benefit from an improved space with year-round facilities and a focal point for community activities.

Who is funding the rest of the project?

The Friends were awarded £68,500 from Richmond Community Fund in 2021 towards the rebuilding costs. The Parks Department at Richmond Council has matched this funding and enabled the work to go ahead.

“For the students who were able to attend Kneller Gardens Cafe it has given them a taste of what it will be like to work for an employer and in future if investment is made – I believe this project will go a long way to improving career development for the most vulnerable young people in our community.” Job Coach, Richmond College


How will the funding be spent?

The Friends are asking the community to contribute towards the fit out of the kitchen and a new community space. The £5,000 raised will allow us to get indoor tables and chairs, display shelving, storage for community groups, kitchen equipment and community notice boards.

Will the indoor community space include easy access for wheelchairs/those who are less mobile and an accessible toilet?

Yes, a new entrance to the community room looking out over the playing fields will be step free and the existing ramp will be modified to give direct access to the toilets. There will be an accessible toilet and baby changing within the community space.


When will the project be complete?

The main building work is planned to take place during the autumn. The crowdfunding campaign closes in November and we hope to have the kitchen and community space kitted out by the beginning of December.

The park will have a new lease of life in the new year, just in time for the winter months.



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Image: Richard Clemance
Image: Richard Clemance


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John Park

Me and Charlie, my Springer Spaniel walk through Kneller Gardens almost every day. It’s important that we improve the facilities there and make it even more enjoyable for everyone who loves the park.

Nick Higham

A great local facility and very happy to support this worthy project.

Stephanie Mills

I love the park and improvements to the cafe will make it even better. Thanks!


Great initiative. The Cafe has so much potential to become a community hub.

John Tovell

Really looking forward to having a coffee inside in the warm!

Jack Earnshaw

Made a mistake yesterday and so donating again to your appeal. "The Rec" was my local park in the 1950-60s, living in Wiltshire Gardens. My gran lived in Mereway Road. So often walked through the park and often had to dash before the gates were locked

Michelle Beaumont

I love this park and the cafe is great. It would be so good to have indoor space as well. The cakes are delicious and great value!

Andrew Kew

Local users of park

Clare Quansah

Beautiful park with so much to enjoy. An indoor cafe space would finish it off nicely

Linda Birch

Love this park and the little cafe. Long may it continue.

Helen Sugiyama

I don't live near enough to these gardens to go there every day, but I visited them several times during lockdown. I love the range of equipment, the spirit of the people dealing with refreshments, and the overall atmosphere. A real happy community feel.

Celia Holman

Cafes create communities, especially in parks. I wish you every success with your venture!

Brian Kehoe

Use the park and facilities hugely. Sponsor reference for table “D & E Kehoe”

Brian Winstanley

A great enterprise. Keep up the good work.

Katie Lee

Looking forward to sitting inside!

Emma Coleman

Fabulous local community cafe, great to see it being expanded. Good luck with raising money!

laura mccullagh

A true community place, as a local, we can't wait to enjoy the cafe year round !

Sally Johnson

Great Cafe, great park, great cause. Thank you.

Rob Gray

Looking forward to seeing the new cafe in action

Lynne Henderson

We live nearby to Kneller Gardens and love the park and cafe. This will be a great addition to the facilities.

Carole Clark

It’s such a lovely meet up area of the park and the coffee is wonderful. An indoor space would be brilliant in the winter. Hope you make the target.

Gill Hardman

Great project! All the best with the fundraising.

Michael Pearce

Great community initiative: best of luck with the appeal. Carole and Mike Pearce

Joanne Jones

My daughter uses this park along with other friends so it is an important part of community life

Magdalena Dobrowolska

I love coming here with my daughter.

Janet Fisher

I love going there with the family, because I use a cane it is really nice to sit there and have something to drink and a little cake.

Nicola Girma

We go to Kneller Gardens all the time, largely because of the cafe and toilets, so I’m more than happy to support this development and can’t wait to use it!

clare quansah

Good luck raising enough money. Best park in the area Looking forward to new space

Philippa Johnston

This will be an excellent addition to an already fantastic park!

Becky Lee

It’s a wonderful community space for all ages! Good luck with the target!

Julie McCarthy

Love Kneller gardens and it's a brilliant idea to provide indoor space for the cafe as it is so popular in all weathers!

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