Batting for Bats 2022

The bats of south and west London have for many years faced the threat of inappropriate and potentially devastating new developments reducing their habitat. Consequently, bat abundance and distribution are declining. However, we can and should do something to help them survive and thrive. By surveying for bats, we can provide crucial evidence of where they roost and feed so we can defend and secure their future. We are appealing to the public to help us raise the funds needed for an additional state-of-the-art bat detecting equipment* to meet this pressing need. We’re batty about bats, and if you are as well, this is your chance to help! *Anabat Swift, microphones, secure metal case and lock.

  • Raised £740.00
  • Target £1,940.92

Why bats? They can tell us a lot about the state of the environment, as they are top predators of common nocturnal insects and are sensitive to changes in land use practices. The pressures they face – such as landscape change, agricultural intensification, development, and habitat fragmentation are also relevant to many other wildlife species, making them excellent indicators for the wider health of the UK’s wildlife. 

At least eleven bat species, of which at least six are thought to breed, are found in South and West London. Common and Soprano Pipistrelles are by far the most widespread, whilst the Noctule, Brown Long-eared Bat and Daubenton’s Bat are more localised but regularly recorded. Two nationally rare species, Nathusius’ pipistrelle and Leisler’s bat, are regularly recorded. Serotine and Natterer’s bat are occasionally recorded, the latter confirmed as a breeding species in 2009. Whiskered/Brandt’s bat is also strongly suspected to occur.  

Despite this rich variety of local species, the picture is not as positive as it first seems. Bat populations in the UK have been in consistent decline for decades as they battle against loss of habitat, reduction of food sources, increasing threat of poison from chemical treatments and pesticides, light spillage and disturbance to ‘bat superhighways’ – their commuting routes between feeding areas and roosts.

How will the money raised be invested?   

To raise funds for the purchase of:  

  • Anabat Swift with Omni-directional Microphone £1194 
  • Lockable box and lock £82.99  
  • Anabat Strap £15.50  
  • Second omni-directional Microphone £150 (to replace one that was stolen in situ) 
  • Omnidirectional Microphone for bird calls £150 
  • Directional Ultrasonic Microphone £250  
  • Microphone extension cable £47.95 
  • Micro SD cards (64GB) x 2 £39.98  
  • Delivery £10 

Total £1940.92*  

If we are able to exceed our target then we would like to also purchase these bat detectors who use on bat walks to raise awareness with the public about bats. 

  • Batbox Baton (beginners kit) x 6 £87 

Total £522*   


Sally Hobbs

Keep up the good work!

Simon Jones

Having witnessed our local bat population decline over the last 15 years we're pleased to help fund this initiative

Sally Hillsdon

Good luck with reaching your target- it’s a great cause!

Stephen Kent

Great cause - the little fellas need all the help they can get!

Emma Little

Hope you reach the target. Would be interested in volunteering to use the bit of kit too!

Andrew Limbrick

Inspired by seeing the bats flying around my garden at dusk this week!

Jocelyn Blackwell

Delighted to learn about this activity. Love watching the bats in the evenings in teh garden

Hari Singh

Keep up the good work @HabitsandHeritage :-)

Jackie Pearson

Good luck with crowd funding and your research

Andrew Proctor

I want to help preserve the environment for our bats and other wildlife.

Tamsin Carr

Love sitting by the river at dusk when they are zooming around... and love that they are also zooming around my garden these days too.

Samantha Cummings

Every summer during evenings one or two bats fly above our garden I love to see them. Makes my day.

Joanna Waddy

Love Bats, and I want to see them around in Twickenham!

Chris Ruse

I hope this will help to monitor bats on Ham Lands

Colin Cooper

Thank you for your donation Gillian.

Gillian Earl

To stop their habitat destruction as a result of building projects

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